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Film CELL 211 / CELDA 211

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Dated Released : 5 November 2009
Quality : BDRip XviD
Info : imdb.com/title/tt1242422
Starring : Carlos Bardem, Luis Tosar, Alberto Ammann
Genre : Action | Drama

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Sinopsis film Cell 211

Bercerita tentang Juan Oliver yang ber­siap mengerjakan pekerjaan barunya yakni sebagai sipir di sebuah penjara. Karena penasaran, sebelum tiba hari bertugas, Juan datang ke penjara itu. Ketika berkeliling penjara, Juan tak sengaja terluka dan harus diobati. Dia ditolong oleh petugas yang menyuruhnya beristirahat di salah satu sel tak dihuni yang bernomor 211. Ketika Juan tertidur, terjadi keributan di penjara tersebut yang mengharuskan semua penghuninya mengungsi. Ketika terbangun, Juan ditemukan oleh salah satu pelaku keributan itu. Akhirnya Juan berpura-pura menjadi tahanan agar tidak dibunuh

Storyline Film Cell 211

What would you do if you found yourself caught up in a murderous riot looked behind the walls of a prison? What would you do if those outside the walls became victims because of your unexpected captivity? These are questions that Cell 211 asks.

I have always been a huge fan of crime thrillers and some of my favorite include The Way of the Gun, The Usual Suspects and OLDBOY for their gritty and no holds barred writing and their fantastic twists and turns. The new film CELL 211 is another great crime thriller that I can now add to my list of favorites.

Directed by Daniel Monzón and winner of 8 Spanish Goya Awards, including Best Picture, this taut prison drama tells the gripping story of a rookie prison guard who becomes trapped in a cell during a violent riot and must convince the prisoners he is one of them. The film, an official selection at the Toronto and San Sebastian Film Festivals, will premiere exclusively on VOD under the IFC Midnight label beginning in June.

Cell 211 is film making at its best because of the outstanding writing and exceptional cast as we watch the main character evolve from prison guard, to ‘false’ inmate and demon fighter as he fights to survive inner demons as the world around him collapses and the riot gets out of control touching those close to him and leaving him with tough choices that change his life forever.

Cell 211 is not in the least bit predictable and the variety of characters as well as the constant evolution of the main character make it a real treat to experience. Cell 211 pulls you in from the very opening scenes right to the end credits making you feel as if you are there in the riots struggling to survive.

If you enjoy thrillers and can appreciate a great subtitled foreign film then without a doubt you will love CELL 211. This story of human tragedy, death and the struggle for will definitely leave its mark on you. CELL 211 is a truly fantastic film worthy of being in your collection.

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