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The Last Hit Man

The Last Hit Man - Download Gratis Film, Sinopsis, Trailer, Movie Review

Actors: Joe Mantegna, Elizabeth Whitmere, Romano Orzari, Michael Majeski, William Colgate, Shawn Lawrence, Victoria Snow, Maya Ritter, Johnie Chase, Sean Orr, Joel Harris, James Binkley,
Director: Christopher Warre Smets
Releases Date: March 26, 2008
Genre: Crime Thriller

Download Gratis Film The Last Hit Man


Sinopsis Film The Last Hit Man
user reviews:
We didn't know what to hope for when we sat down to watch The Last Hit Man. The trailer sort of prepared us for more of an action film. There's plenty of action, but the real story is more internal. We got very caught up in it.

There are some very funny lines and almost a screwball style to parts of the movie, especially at the start; and then it settles into a bit of a nightmare and leads to a conclusion that is at the same time satisfying and open-ended.

In the "about" feature the director said that during shooting the main actors would come to him with suggestions about lines that could be cut to make the story tighter and the to tell more by saying less. The result works pretty well, even though there is a slight sag toward pathos at one point.

We will certainly watch it again, and will buy copies of the DVD to share with others.

LATE NEWS!~ April 2: "Last Hit Man" won Best Feature Film at the Canadian Film Festival in Toronto in March!


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